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One coat paint and wallpaper

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randomtask Wed 12-Aug-09 14:37:56

Is it really only one coat or do you end up doing two? I was looking at paint charts earlier and it's cheaper to buy one coat paint which doesn't make sense to me.

Please enlighten me!

Also, if anyone could tell me whether it's really difficult to hang wallpaper, that'd be much appreciated too.


CheeryCherry Wed 12-Aug-09 22:57:03

I always always buy dulux once, works every time, and only once. Bit more expensive, but worth the extra.
Rubbish at wallpaper so can't help there!

WobblyPig Wed 12-Aug-09 23:03:38

Not difficult to hang wallpaper but depends a bit on your walls and your paper.
If walls not straight or difficult pattern to match up can be a nightmare.
Get organised first - pop off to Homebase or hte like and get paste, paper brush and a little roller for the seams and a good sharp pair of scissors and a blade for cutting.

re: paint - depends what you're painting over . Wallaper or strong colour or plain white walls? Also what you are using - a roller will probably mean at least 2 coats in my experience.

randomtask Thu 13-Aug-09 10:01:05

I was thinking about a roller but not necessarily. We're stripping all the wallpaper off so it'll either be lining paper (if the walls are bad) or plaster (if they're good or were so bad they needed doing). I know this sounds vague but until we pull the wallpaper off we don't know what we're facing.

Good advice regarding getting the wallpapering stuff ready. I know my Mum said when she first tried to do it she cried (and she's generally quite a determined lady!) but I saw 6 rolls of lovely wallpaper yesterday that were £1 a roll from £17!

CMOTdibbler Thu 13-Aug-09 10:09:29

Dulux Once only takes one coat even on strong coloured walls. Other brands don't.

I've only done wallpaper with my mum who is good at it - I just do what I'm told !

WobblyPig Thu 13-Aug-09 21:54:07

If you paint over fresh plaster you need to use watered down emulsion first then a second coat of less-watered down emulsion then a final coat of undiluted emulsion. Not necessary if it only a skim of plaster I believe but certainly if it normally plastered.

somewhathorrified Fri 14-Aug-09 10:55:48

I find on coat of 50/50 water to pva is fine for a sealant coat on new's what I always do and no paint probs as yet. Regarding the'm pretty good at all things DIY, never again will I paper...I'd rather skim it!

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