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Should I get my floorboards stripped or buy a new carpet? Am in decision paralysis!

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NotBreeVanDeKamp Mon 10-Aug-09 10:06:31

We've moved into a house and the living room carpet needs replacing. I can't decide whether to strip the floorboads (get someone to do it) which will look nicer, or just get a new carpet, which will be cheaper. Does anyone have stripped floors and love them or hate them? Will it be too cold in winter? Will the new baby hate crawling on them?

puffylovett Mon 10-Aug-09 10:09:30

you can always put a big rug down for baby.

I had stripped floorboards in last house, loved them - really easy to clean etc.

I have regretted putting a carpet in this house, as it's filthy and doesn't clean up very well.

Depends on house re the heat imo - last house was victorian end of terrace, was lovely and warm so didn't find floorboards a problem. This one is 30#s semi, they tend to be a bit draughtier I think

NotBreeVanDeKamp Mon 10-Aug-09 10:10:35

Ours is also a 30's semi. Am worried I'll regret it in Winter....

puffylovett Mon 10-Aug-09 10:18:41

is it loft / cavity insulated ? how about <balks> laminate ?

the draughts come from the cavity beneath the floor I believe, DPs dad spent ages doing a proper job of putting papier mache (I think) into all the floorboard nooks and crannies before sanding and varnishing in his house.

Are the floorboards in good nick ?

GrendelsMum Mon 10-Aug-09 11:10:15

First of all, it isn't a choice between carpet or floorboards - there are other floor coverings you can have!

But it's probably worth having a list of pros and cons. So far i have:

Pro floorboards
- this is trendy
- you prefer it
- depending on the finish, it may be easier to wipe up spills without them staining
- if the floorboards don't have any gaps between them, they won't be draughty or let dust through

Pro carpet
- possibly cheaper (but are you thinking of buying really cheap carpet for this? is the quality ok?)
- adds a level of noise insulation
- adds a level of heat insulation
- if the floorboards aren't in good nick, this prevents draughts and stops dust coming through the gaps

I think that which is more practical depends on whether you're a family that creates lots of spills and stains and need to wipe them up, or whether you're more a family living in a cold and noisy house.

somewhathorrified Mon 10-Aug-09 11:26:09

I'd go with the carpet with kids for no other reason than the amount of disruption and mess (it can days for all the dust to settle and it spreads all over the house)stripping and varnishing floorboards can be.

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