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Bathroom in a corridor - decorating ideas?

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GrendelsMum Sun 09-Aug-09 17:57:19

I was so impressed by the advice on the windowless bathroom thread that I thought I'd see what people could come up with on our bathroom situation.

Basically, our bedroom is reached by a short but comparatively wide corridor with a fairly large but very high window in it. The previous owner put a bath and a bidet in the corridor and added a door, thus turning it into an en-suite corridor.

So from the landing, you go through a door, pass a bidet and bath on your left, and then go through another door into the bedroom.

We've got used to it, but when we have people staying we remember it's a bit odd, especially if DH is having a bath and I have to get out of the bedroom without letting people see into the bath.

We have showers every day for general washing, but really enjoy having baths, and have discovered that it's quite relaxing at the weekend to have one person having a bath while one person is in bed. We have never used the bidet, but would quite like a sink in there.

What, oh mumsnet, would you do?

We'd like it in some way to look visually connected to the bedroom.

HerHonesty Sun 09-Aug-09 18:53:01

well for starters, I would get rid of the bidet... totally useless in my book. i think that probably makes it look like half a bedroom iykwim, as would the sink..

perhaps just have the bath and turn it into a very luxurious bathing room, with a roll top or something stunning in a more modern fashion with all accessories matching and a lovely armchair or similar on which to recline after one has bathed oneself, preferably with a small table to put a g and t on.. (oh to dream like i even have time to have a shower these days..

is there no way you can fit the bath, shower and toilet in there?

alt do away with it and have a walk in wardrobe corridor, or a study area?

HerHonesty Sun 09-Aug-09 18:54:10

sorry, half a bathroom i meant..

GrendelsMum Tue 11-Aug-09 11:36:04

Thanks for suggestions!

I was hugely enthusiastic about the idea of a luxorious bathing area with table for G&T and armchair (I've always wanted an armchair in a bathroom) but DH was quite bemused - "but why would you want a table and a comfy chair in a bathroom?"

However, he was very taken with the idea of turning it into a dressing room-corridor, and has now come up with the idea of slicing space off another room to make a new ensuite which is not a corridor.

So I think I'll be back on the 'windowless bathroom' thread.

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