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If you've been renting the same house for 6.5 years, is it unreasonable to ask the landlady to do some work on the house to make it a bit nicer??

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FluffyBunnyGoneBad Sun 09-Aug-09 15:48:32

New kitchen?? Lick of paint?? Bolier is crap and needs replacing, windows are also crap.

I've paid so much since I moved in, I get the windows and gutters cleaned, cleaned the carpets, is a cheap kitchen from Ikea asking too much do you think? Would it be unreasonable to ask?

Mousey84 Sun 09-Aug-09 15:56:25

I would check the details of your contract. If it says you are not allowed to decorate, I would imagine you should ask her to decorate.

Whats wrong with the kitchen you have? Out dated or falling apart? Same with windows..

I would def talk to her about boiler - maybe look into grants etc and let her know about those when you approach her. I would imagine it would go in your favour.

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Sun 09-Aug-09 16:02:47

The windows have been in since the house was built (1980s), the hindges on the kitchen window don't work so it's hard to close it if I open it, the seals in all of them are knackered so condensation has built up inside. The kitchen's out dated and isn't practical. It's small and poorly designed, the cooker is opposite the kitchen door, I had to take a cupboard door off as it's split where it's connected to the cupboard and could have fallen off at any time. I have told them I've done this and they were going to send someone out to fix it, 18 months ago. Their 'handyman' turns up without telling me what time so I've missed him twice. I don't like having him in the house as he tells them the house/garden is a mess and that I didn't turn up.

I'm getting so annyoyed that I'm handing over money every month. The boiler eats gas and is banging all the time. They keep sending someone to fix it, he says it needs replacing, the landlady appears to do nothing though.

MollieO Sun 09-Aug-09 16:17:47

Can you find anywhere better at the same price? If you can and don't want to move then that might encourage them to update the house. Also if you can then why not move? I think landlords take good tenants for granted unfortunately.

Friendlypizzaeater Sun 09-Aug-09 16:19:55

Doesn't the boiler need a certificate if you're renting ?

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Sun 09-Aug-09 16:20:14

There seems to be alot of houses to let where I live at the moment so I'll probably move out. It seems a shame as we've been here for so long. I keep burning myself when I'm cooking because the door's in the way. sad

AnarchyAunt Sun 09-Aug-09 16:39:03

You can get Environmental Health to do an inspection and they then have the power to order your landlord to do work.

They inspect under the HHSRS and will identify any hazards to health and safety - this includes damp, mould, position of appliances. If the cooker is positioned so you have burnt yourself they will insist it is changed, for example.

They usually have a 'private sector team' a the council specifically for dealing with rented accomodation.

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Sun 09-Aug-09 16:43:10

I don't think it's there intentionally, there's no where else for it to go. The kitchen's titchy. There's no mould or damp though. We have really outgrown the house so I do need to move somewhere bigger. I think I'm nitpicking as they really do bugger all for what I'm handing over every month. It's minor things like putting the cupboard door back on, repairing the seal around the sink, repairing the kitchen window (this has been like this since I moved in). People live in worse houses.

HerHonesty Sun 09-Aug-09 19:17:41

depends on whether she has been putting up the rent every year or whether you would be prepared to pay a rent increase if she did the work... the ongoing maitanance should be done though. you should keep a record of when and how often you have asked them to do things.

ask to see the gas certificate for the boiler.

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Sun 09-Aug-09 21:58:27

They have just put the rent up (as in a couple of months ago), it's not been put up since I moved in, it was increased by £45 a month, it's a mid-priced house for where I live. The gas is serviced every 12 months (ish), other then this they do nothing. The bolier breaks down every 12 months and they are quick at sending someone out to repair it. I had to install smoke alarms when I moved in though as there was not any so it's not been completely within the guidelines.

Mintyy Sun 09-Aug-09 22:03:49

Not sure your landlady can do much to make the kitchen bigger.

But put all your other points in writing to the landlady. Ask for them to be fixed within, say, two months, at a time acceptable to you (ie. the handyman needs to speak to you on the phone to arrange a suitable time).

Does the landlady arrange a gas safety check annually? If not, and you do not have a certificate to say your gas appliances are all safe, then you need to address this as a matter of urgency.

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Sun 09-Aug-09 22:10:07

The kitchen would be alot better if it were better designed to be honest. The cooker isn't in the best place, if I open the kitchen door which is opposite, I can't use the oven if you see where I'm coming from as there is no space at all if I have the door open. I know I'm being petty with this though but it's not very safe where it is. I'm being diagnosed with MS at the moment and it is a hazard because of the lack of space.
They do check the gas, it's rarely done on time though.

I think we're going to have to move somewhere a little bigger.

Earlybird Sun 09-Aug-09 22:15:05

Sounds as if the house no longer suits your needs, tbh.

I have never heard of a landlord that would install a new kitchen while a tenant is living in the house - unless it was a dire emergency. Even if she was willing to pay the cost, you wouldn't want to live through that mess/inconvenience would you?

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Sun 09-Aug-09 22:18:50

For a better kitchen? Yes!! I like the house, my neighbours are great. I'd be really sad to move. sad

I would like to move to a nicer area away from the city centre though.

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Sun 09-Aug-09 22:26:49

My kitchen is 10'6" x 6' (3.2m x 1.83m). It's titchy right?

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