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Anyone who knows the most up to date building regs for loft conversions...please advise

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PavlovtheForgetfulCat Sun 09-Aug-09 12:22:04

We have had some major issues with building our loft.

The one we are looking at right now is the stairs.

They are hefty and take up room. The builder had the stair people come and measure for conventional stairs, on the basis this is what we have to have apparantly. They came back with the drawings, approved, then we were told they did not confirm to building regs, needed a few more mm on each tread. So, plans for stairs adjusted to allow for this.

It meant we had to lose a little more of the room downstairs where the stairs were going. Bit annoyed but appears we could not do anything about it.

Anyway, builder puts in stairs, and the stairs are 40mm too high at the top, not noticeable in terms of us, or walking on them or anything, I cannot see the problem.

Builder says he is anticipating the inspector won't notice,but we are unsure, he thinks he can blag it.

Anyway, there is a chance he will need to remove the stairs and re-order new ones that fit correctly.

is there any reason why we cannot in fact have space saving stairs? If he has to send them back anyway and re-order them, would be better if we just get these put in. We wanted them to start with and told building regs would not pass them, but we have the haines manual which states that firstly we can, and secondly we can get building regs to be relaxed if the stairs are no worse than the stairs already in situ, in older properties, which this is. The stairs already here are steep.

I know the building regulations have changed, can you tell me if we can get space saving stairs after all, should we nee to send these ones back?

DaisymooSteiner Sun 09-Aug-09 14:41:40

Out of interest who's doing the building inspection for you - the local council or a private consultant? Can you not phone them up and ask about the space saving stairs and regulations?

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Sun 09-Aug-09 16:15:45

council. We have an architect/structural engineer who told us this was the only way. And he was the head honcho of local council building control until he retired recently, but judging by some issues we have had in other areas of the work, does not mean too much, or as much as we though it did.

I will ask them tomorrow, the local building control as to what they think about it all.

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Thu 08-Oct-09 10:36:17

bumping, just for my records.

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