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Housing - private renting and council renting

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HmmHousing Sat 08-Aug-09 20:04:59

I have changed my name to this new one in recognition of the number of hmm faces which will follow in the replies.

I am going to be completely unreasonable, I know I am and I don't care because I am hacked off at present.

I am unable to get a mortgage - in common with millions of others.
I am a lone parent - in common with millions of others.
I rent privately which costs me an arm and a leg every month - well over half my income.

I have now been assessed by the council for a council property. I am entitled to two bedrooms but am only entitled to an upper floor property according to the bumph they have just sent me.

WTF! An upper floor property. When half my bloody neighbours are in houses with gardens (for which they pay considerably less than I do) and don't do a days work - some have never done a days work in their lives. Yes it's the green eyed monster - that I will totally admit. No I wouldn't want their bloody lives - just their house. Why can't they have the upper floor flat? Nobody is disabled - they all seem to have enjoyed the nice weather (forget the last five days) judging by the beer cans which have littered the street when I have returned from yet another bloody stressful day at work.

I could stay in private rent BUT I then have to accept that on the whim of my landlords I could be homeless. Unless I have the deposit I cannot put a deposit down on anywhere new. As anyone who rents privately knows - you don't get the deposit until you are well out of the property and they've established it hasn't been wrecked. In the meantime I assume I'd be homeless.....
All I want is a secure tenancy in a house with a garden which I can enjoy. It doesn't have to be in the poshest part of town - Lord knows I do not live in a "nice" area now - am in the notorious estate avoided by the "naice" people. I'd like it at a rent that is not extortionate though.

Rant, rant, rantety rant.

Sorry - all very unreasonable I know. And as MN is so bloody PC I know I am now in for a right kicking. Off you go....... angry

bigboobymama Sun 09-Aug-09 07:18:12

Housing is a big issue for a lot of people..and I will not judge the envy you feel..been there!
You do not say what part of the country you are in or whether you are in work or not..Have you considered thinking out of the box? When I was on a sink estate in a 1 bed with DP and DS, I signed up to a self-build..Took 2 years start to finish and 9 months on site, it was hard work, but end result worth it- Lovely 2 bed flat with front and back garden. Now req 3 beds as 3rd child on the way and considering another self-build with HA for 3/4 bed house.
Also considering,moving away,mutual exchange,sharing mortgage with family friends.
I would say you are better on upper floor in secure tenancy than in private, it opens more opportunities for you, especially to save for a mortagage if you choose that route.Plus, you can ALWAYS give up your tenancy and rent privately if you want.

HmmHousing Sun 09-Aug-09 07:59:13

Thank you for that - I have calmed down considerably overnight smile

Was just a bit galled to get the letter from the council. My landlords are moving back and I have to be out by 1st November. I might get lucky with the council or I might not.

faraday Sun 09-Aug-09 12:51:54

Message withdrawn

sazm Sun 09-Aug-09 14:04:12

does your local council do the scheme where they pay a deposit for you on a privatly rented house????

are all privatly rented houses in your area about the same as you are paying just now?
if they are then i would wait and see what the council offer you,

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