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what happens to my Sky+ contract when i move?

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icedgemsrock Thu 06-Aug-09 09:14:28

I'm tied into a 12 month contract. Do I leave the sky dish here. Probably a stupid question but I am sleep deprived!

CMOTdibbler Thu 06-Aug-09 09:17:44

You take the contract with you - the dish stays where it is and they fit you a new one.

They have an extremely efficient moving system, so will sort it all for you.

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Thu 06-Aug-09 09:33:46

Yuo leave the dish take the box and card with you and if there is a dish at the new house they will give it a health check and replace if needed.
We have just done this a few months ago when we moved was actually surprisingly simple considering it was SKY.

icedgemsrock Thu 06-Aug-09 09:34:24

phew - thanks for that - one less thing to worry about

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