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What could I use to plug this gap?

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Linnet Wed 05-Aug-09 23:44:37

In my bathroom there is a gap between the rim of the bath and the bath panel, which is wooden tongue and groove type slats. In the winter a really cold draught comes through this gap.

Does anyone have any ideas what, if anything, I could plug this gap up with? I usually have towels hanging along the side of the bath to block the cold air coming through but would like a slightly more premanent solution if possible.


MamaG Wed 05-Aug-09 23:49:09

Could you "no more nails" a thin strip of wood to it? How big is the gap?

I would seriously just cut a length of wood like this to size and glue it on with no more nails.

Linnet Wed 05-Aug-09 23:57:09

It's not a big enough gap to put a piece of wood like that on it. It's odd because it's slightly more open at one end then as you go along the bath it closes up. I guess it's because the bath is sloped to allow drainage and the wood is set straight with the floor so it hasn't matched up properly.

I was looking at it tonight and thinking, chewing gum would do it, but don't think that would be a good idea, lol.

caykon Thu 06-Aug-09 00:14:00

silicone sealent would do it plus its waterproof and would allow for any movement in the wood

MamaG Thu 06-Aug-09 08:41:39

Ah I thought you had a big gap! Yes silicone sealant would do the trick

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