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Could you give me a ball park figure of how much an extension might cost?!

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CarrieBo Wed 05-Aug-09 16:40:28

We've just accepted an offer on our house, but we can't decide which one to buy. I really like one that's a 3 bed semi, but to make it what we'd like in the long term it would need extending. Can anyone tell me how much theirs/their neighbour's extension cost?

We would want a playroom and utility/WC downstairs, and two bedrooms upstairs. There's already a door from the kitchen out to the side of the property, no walls would need to be knocked down other than knocking through upstairs for access to the new rooms.

I'd love an idea how much this could cost (£40k? £70k?) to know whether its worth putting in a offer on the house and getting builders in for a proper quote.

Many thanks in advance!

cassell Wed 05-Aug-09 17:12:35

try having a look at one of the websites where you can calculate approx costs (e.g. but it can vary a lot depending on the area you're in, the standard of finish you want etc.

CarrieBo Wed 05-Aug-09 19:30:26

Very useful, thanks.
Anyone's personal experiences of extensions gratefully received!

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