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Downlighters in en suite. Chrome or white?

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trixymalixy Tue 04-Aug-09 17:27:15

What do you think?

DH and I can't agree.

SausageRocket Tue 04-Aug-09 17:28:38

chrome. white looks naff

mumblechum Tue 04-Aug-09 17:46:39


mumblechum Tue 04-Aug-09 17:46:54

Or brushed steel.

trixymalixy Tue 04-Aug-09 17:54:38

pretty unanimous so far!

squeaver Tue 04-Aug-09 17:56:23

Disagree. White just blend in with the ceiling.

HerHonesty Tue 04-Aug-09 18:15:22

chrome or brushed. white looks cheap.

LovingTheSunshine Tue 04-Aug-09 20:32:30

Am envy at your ensuite!

BiscuitStuffer Tue 04-Aug-09 20:42:33


ilovemydogandmrobama Tue 04-Aug-09 20:47:34


But don't get cheap downlighters. We have great ones in the loft conversion, that have never blown a bulb ever, but the ones in the kitchen area were super cheap (think chain DIY store) and are blowing at least a bulb a week shock shock

GrendelsMum Tue 04-Aug-09 22:58:32


White blends in.

Chrome stands out, and is going to look passe in about a couple of years.

southeastastra Tue 04-Aug-09 22:59:37


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