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Anyone got a glass porch, I have a few questions

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chamaeleon Tue 04-Aug-09 09:44:57

I want a glass porch about 2m x 3m. I dont know if its classed as a conservatory or not, it would be fitted in to a U shaped bit at he back of the house betweeen our house and neighbours. Dh says he has looked into it, it will never pass building regs and we will have to pull it down before we sell the house but I dont believe it cant be done, not least because several other houses on our street have done it. So if anyone has any links to websites with advice that would be great, my googling has come up with very little. All I want is somewhere to stash wellies and have a few extra cupboards, all I think it needs is one wall going up at the front and a roof. Anyone know how much is it likely to be?


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