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Where to buy CHEAP internal kitchen drawers for base unit?

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navyeyelasH Tue 04-Aug-09 09:20:03

My kitchen is from wickes and 1 drawer from the is about £100 (I think, need to clarify). I refuse to pay that as it's stupidly expensive IMO.

My base cabinets are 400mm wide and 600mm high; in one I would like 4 shallow drawers for storing --junk,-- t-towels, food bags etc and in the other I would like two deep drawers. The drawers would fit behind doors IYSWIM?

Have found these deep onesat £50 a pop ex vat, then these shallow ones at £35 exc vat.

But does anyone know anywhere that does cheaper ones? Not bothered about soft closing etc. All googling returns actual kitchens!


navyeyelasH Tue 04-Aug-09 10:02:59

Hmm I was hoping ikea would do them but can't see anything on their website [cry]

MrsBadger Tue 04-Aug-09 10:18:18

not many places will do drawers with their own fronts shallow enough to close the cupboard on them, hence the premium and tbh it sounds pretty awkward to have to open the cupboard then the drawer

wire or even wicker baskets on runners might be easier - Ikea have v good cheapy ones here

We have these in the 'awkward cupboards' either side of the cooker and they are fab for tupperware as you can get right to the back without rummaging

fanjolina Tue 04-Aug-09 11:25:24

You can get drawers as separates from Ikea, however I don't think they are shown individually on their website. I don't think they will suit your purpose though as the Ikea drawers are not designed to sit inside a cupboard. Also, as Ikea units are deeper than most standard kitchen base cabinets they will stick out too far for you.

navyeyelasH Tue 04-Aug-09 12:57:53

Mrs Badger those rationale ikea ones are exactly what I was after! Now I just need to find deeper ones.

The deeper ones I have linked to would they work?

Fanjolina good point about ikeas weird sizing I totally forgot!

I also need a 900mm cutlery drawer insert - they are like £100! <faints>

MrsBadger Tue 04-Aug-09 13:41:35

get 2 x 450mm cutlery inserts and put them side by side? these Lakeland ones are good

if you want the deep drawers for pans, bowls etc, just use the Ikea ones but mount them further apart. The pans won't spill out the sides so it doesn't matter how high the sides of the basket come (iyswim)

cece Wed 05-Aug-09 22:06:14


cece Wed 05-Aug-09 22:08:17

this site has some too

cece Wed 05-Aug-09 22:13:03

cutlery trays

cece Wed 05-Aug-09 22:14:00

wire baskets

JackBauer Wed 05-Aug-09 22:14:53

What about something like this

Doesn't look too pretty but you wouldn't see it, and you could fit 3 in (just)

cece Wed 05-Aug-09 22:15:27

some on here too

JackBauer Wed 05-Aug-09 22:15:59

try googling drawer box BTW.

navyeyelasH Mon 10-Aug-09 13:19:15

Hey everyone thanks for your help on this; in the end I went with ikea ones; they are a bit shorter then the unit but a lot cheaper!

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