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Bedroom ideas needed

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duke748 Fri 31-Jul-09 23:12:25

Hi all,

I really need your help. Usually I know EXACTLY what I want in my home, but I am totally stumped with my bedroom in my new flat.

Its one of those beautiful 'apartments' with high skirting boards, high ceilings and painted white throughout.

To give you an idea of my style, my lounge has a big corner sofa in cream with black and red accents everywhere. My spare room has a duvet mostly in green and splashes of hot pink.

This picture hangs over the bed:${product}$

Its very big and dominates the room. But I love it, its very calming. My bedroom furniture is the very common Ikea Malm range in oak colour. So its very square and modern.

Other than that there is no defining feature, simple white blinds on the windows. White walls.

I am totally stumped as to what to go for from here. I don't have a mirror or a vase or picture frames in there, so it currently looks a bit sparse and gasp! a bit like a boys bedroom!

Any ideas at all will be gratefully received.

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