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where to live now we are a family?...

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sallyfraser Fri 31-Jul-09 21:39:45

Hi We have recently become a family with the addition of our lovely son, hence we are thinking about a bigger house, good schools, quality of life, countryside etc. Can anyone recommend places that are commutable to London but have more of a community feel but equally good wine bars and social side? We need to be able to get to the M1/A1 and Kent for grandparents. Or is there an agency who help find such places for people looking for such advice?

Any ideas appreciated....

goldenpeach Fri 31-Jul-09 22:06:42

Read Escape from London and The Guide to Commuterland. Borrow from library!

We went around a lot of places in different counties and after a year in Rugby we are relocating to Cambridge. We thought of Oxford but the property market is even crazier there.

Cambridgeshire is a very good county with a few good towns. We visited Huntingdon and St Neots (a bit small).

I think you should think of what you want to do. Rugby is lovely and only 50 mins from Euston, the schools are better than in many other places but it wasn't good workwise for me as I don't want to commute to London and I'm trying to find work locally.

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