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So - what are the REAL costs associated with moving house at the moment ?

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puffylovett Fri 31-Jul-09 20:10:51

I don't seem to recall that there were any upfront costs when I relocated alone from London to the north.

I'm DESPERATE to move house into our local town to be near friends - at the mo we live in the outskirts / countryside. Which is lovely, but with DC2 due shortly and a toddler in tow, our 2 bed 30s semi is going to be very cramped and I HATE relying on the car.

However my other half is really reluctant to even think about moving for at least the next year or so hmm. We need to ideally redo the bathroom and he wants to paint the flashings etc but more importantly thinks that we need money in the bank before we even put the house on the market. I'm sure that all my last set of legal fees / surveys etc just came out of the equity of the sale of my old house and I had no need for any cash up front last time.

However with the intro of the HIPS - has this all changed ?

Thanks for reading !

rebl Fri 31-Jul-09 20:15:28

Need to pay for the HIP (in the region of £250 - £300) upfront. Other than that as you say it all comes out of the equity of the sale of the old house. I'm not sure about the removal company, last time we moved we did it outselves. This time we're getting a removal company in and we've assumed thats a bill we have to pay out of our bank account and not the sale of the house.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

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