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Range coooker or built-in eye level oven?

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missingthemountains Tue 28-Jul-09 20:35:55

DH is absolutely set on getting a range cooker - don't really know why as he hardly ever cooks! But I dislike the fact that they are not built in and therefore food and dirt can disappear down the back and sides. We also have two small boys so I would have thought that the higher level built in ovens would be a bit easier and safer?

any thoughts on either option?

RainbowJelly Tue 28-Jul-09 20:40:11

Range cookers look lovely - but built in mid height ovens are, IMO, far more practical. I have the latter, and my grandfather has a range style. I much prefer cooking using mine as I don't have to break my back getting heavy things out - and our children can't easily reach it yet and when they can they should be old enough to know not to touch it.

I think the decision should be made by the person who actually uses it the most wink

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