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Anything but pink: carpet advice for a girl's room?

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RedLentil Sun 26-Jul-09 22:08:17

I managed to persuade my DD (3) to fall in love with these lovely bedspreads about a week before she decided pink was the only colour in the universe.

As a compromise, so she gets some pink, we're painting the walls in Farrow and Ball's Calamine.

I've been dithering about picking a carpet colour and ideas for curtains and now I've got to decide really quickly.

Can I beg some help? All ideas welcome.

Many thanks in advance. smile

SazzlesA Sun 26-Jul-09 22:17:30

Message withdrawn

ButterbeerAndLemon Sun 26-Jul-09 22:19:10

I'd be inclined to go for a pretty neutral plain carpet colour. It may seem dull but will go well with the pink and will also be versatile enough to work with other decorating schemes you may go for in a few years.

ButterbeerAndLemon Sun 26-Jul-09 22:20:27

(or laminate plus rug as Sazzles suggested; we have laminate throughout including bedrooms, but aware that lots of people want carpet)

RedLentil Sun 26-Jul-09 22:23:52

Thanks for the ideas.

The picking of rugs is certainly energising DD grin and of course that does mean a neutral carpet would work well.

We have floorboards downstairs, and we've put an oatmeal carpet in DS's room which is lovely but next door, so I think that is what has been making me wobble a bit.

Pannacotta Sun 26-Jul-09 22:27:41

I woudl also go for a neutral carpet with a bit of fleck in it which is good for hiding dirt.
If you are not too keen on lots of pink (very understandable!) you coudl try and add some contrasting lime green or strong purple accessories, to give the room a bit of a kick.

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Sun 26-Jul-09 22:33:11

We got a sort of heather type colour for DD's pink painted bedroom. Its dark enough to not be pink, more purple but not garish at all. I'd be worried about how much a neutral carpet might mark in a kid's bedroom. Felt tips, etc?

RedLentil Sun 26-Jul-09 22:33:47

Ooh, we were looking at green as an accent colour because it is there in the bedspread on the flower leaves.

I think it's the thing of picking curtains to pull it all together that is tricky ...

I can do picking normally but always falter there.

The bedspread is reversible so that it is a raspberry gingham all over on the back.

Pannacotta Sun 26-Jul-09 22:36:31

How about a plain Roman blind is say green or pink?
I wouldnt go too matchy in a childs room, a bit of contrast is more fun IMO.

RedLentil Sun 26-Jul-09 22:42:32

The Roman blind is an excellent idea.

Thanks for that Pannacotta.

We started out by falling for this room rather than anything too co-ordinated, and a soft pink or green blind would be lovely.

Pannacotta Sun 26-Jul-09 22:52:12

No problem RedLentil, can't open your link though for some reason.

If you have any ideas on decor for boys rooms, please feel free to pop over to my thread, am feeling less inspired about my own childrens' room!!

norktasticninja Sun 26-Jul-09 22:56:56

Love that room!

I like pink and green but personally I'd avoid using green for the carpet or curtains, might be a bit much of a good thing. A green mat on wooden flooring would work well. What's the furnature like?

We've recently had hard flooring put in the bedrooms. I;m really pleased with it, looks fab and it's much more practical than carpet too. But, if you're set on carpet why not get the same as your sons room? I'td definitely work well with the colour and bed linen. IMHO a mish-mash of different carpets meeting on the landing is a bad look.

How about flimsy floor length plain white cotton curtains with a roller blind behind them? . The black blackout rollerblinds from ikea would look great.

RedLentil Sun 26-Jul-09 23:17:50

The bunkbeds are
these ones and we have two matching wardrobes (with DD2 in mind, though she isn't allowed an opinion yet in DD1's view.

They fit into an alcove at the end of the room which is L-shaped.

The blackout blind would be possible too now as Ireland's first IKEA opens in the morning.

norktasticninja Sun 26-Jul-09 23:24:00

Oooh nice, white curtains would definitely work well with those!

Black blackout blind. You can trim them to size really easily and neatly.

norktasticninja Sun 26-Jul-09 23:25:18

Ah, linked to the wrong colour and in dutch, sorry blush The product name's still the same though.

Mybox Sun 26-Jul-09 23:27:50

I'd go for brown to hide the wear & tear factor - could put some pink rugs on top.

siouxsiesiouxandthebanshees Sun 26-Jul-09 23:29:55

dd is 14, and in the 8 years we have lived in this house has had a plain grass green coloured carpet. Her walls meanwhile have been, White, then Yellow, then Pink, then Purple, and now an acid Green (which is not to be recommended, as three quarters of the way round on the second coat, I couldn't see any more!!) BUT, all of the wall colours have gone well with the Green.
Ds also has the same green carpet, he has had White, Yellow, Blue and Man U wall paper, which have all gone well.

hmc Sun 26-Jul-09 23:30:35

Have a biscuit coloured carpet in dd's room. Not worried about dirt. Get carpets cleaned professionally every so often (not especially expensive tbh) and they look just fine. Neutral is good - as others have aforementioned.

RedLentil Mon 27-Jul-09 00:05:58

Siouxsie - that is a lot of repainting!

The link for the blinds is fab Norktastic - they would definitely fit and that gives us the chance to go for some of the nice floaty type stuff DD would love.

I'll give the laminates and boards another look too. The original ones are awful up here.

Thanks so much everyyone.
DH is starting to believe in the power of mumsne too . smile

RedLentil Mon 27-Jul-09 00:07:31

That would be mumsnet. blush

nappyaddict Mon 27-Jul-09 01:22:28

I would go for wooden flooring.

TwilightSurfer Mon 27-Jul-09 02:28:48

Red, I would go with a loop weave/berber style carpet in chocolate brown (could even have a bit of design to it). Good idea to go with the flowered curtains. I like the room already. When can move in?wink

nappyaddict Wed 29-Jul-09 22:54:55

Why are loop weaves or berber style carpets better?

msled Thu 30-Jul-09 08:53:25

I am planning to paint my little girl's floorboards in off white, adding a pink rug, pink and green bedding, vintage style green painted victorian chest of drawers, white Ikea bookshelf, white painted wooden sleigh bed, pink walls (F&B Calamine or Brissi pink) and a floral blind in red and pink and white and green. Red and white gingham shade on white wooden bedside lamp, and chandelier. Plus pictures etc

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