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New kitchen - what storage/gadget stuff do you recommend?

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missingthemountains Sun 26-Jul-09 10:01:59

I'd like stuff like pull out corner storage, soft close doors etc

What else do you recommend?

cece Sun 26-Jul-09 10:17:59

I am in th eprocess of having my new kitchen fitted.

Soft close doors and drawers seem to be pretty standard now.

I am having a Le mans corner thing for one of my corner cupboards. I was told they are just as good as the magic corner things but half the price.

I am also having wire pull out baskets in one of my base units to store my veg in.

I decided against a pull out larder unit thing as my larder unit is 500mm wide. Hence I thought it would be too heavy when loaded! So just gpot a 500mm larder with normal shelves.

I can let you know what they are like in a week or two!

TeriHatchetJob Sun 26-Jul-09 10:22:37

The pull out corner thingy is over-rated I reckon, but I love my huge American fridge freezer and pull out larder.

HerHonesty Sun 26-Jul-09 13:45:13

one of those sink waste disposal machines. and the tap which dispenses boiling water.

cat64 Sun 26-Jul-09 13:50:11

Message withdrawn

ThingOne Sun 26-Jul-09 14:24:48

I have pull-out corner shelves and I find them a bit rubbish tbh. I'm sure it's because our kitchen is a cheap one (in when we bought the house and we can't afford to re-do) but it can't take much weight. Tall things are unstable, fall off, and easily get wedged underneath. These are plastic shelves, so steer well clear of those.

I would love deep pan drawers. My mum has these and they are great. Lots of my friends have pull out larders and they are great. You can store so much on them and still see what you have, so nothing gets stuck at the back of he cupboard.

I also want somewhere cold, dry and dark to store my veg.

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