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Need decorating advice

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PuppyLoves Sun 26-Jul-09 01:57:58

We live in a small terrace house where the living room leads onto the dining room via double wooden doors. Its like one big room split in half by these doors.

To make the living room feel bigger we leave these doors open. This lets the light from the french doors in the dinning room into the living room as well.

We moved in a couple of years ago and everything is still magnolia. I need to input some colour into these rooms and think the best way to do it is through a feature wall.

But which wall would be the feature wall in the living room? One wall has the window at the front of the house in it, the opposite wall has the wooden double doors leading into the dinning room. These are the two short walls.

One of the longer walls has the living room door in it which I guess would leave the opposite longer wall as the feature wall? So when you walk into the living room, the first thing you see would be the feature wall, is that correct?

If so, do I decorate the same wall in the dining room with the same wallpaper (as its impossible to stand in one room and not look into the next) Does it need to follow through or will this look strange?

Any advice gratefully received

DLI Sun 26-Jul-09 09:52:55

i have pretty much the same set up. We removed our doors. Both our rooms don't have feature walls and are decorated in slightly different shades (but basically arwe a creamy colour). I would do both of the feature walls or put some of the wall paper in a large frame and hang it the middle of one room on the feature wall to keep continuity. although our rooms are slightly different shades we have kept the laminated flooring the same throughout and kept the colour scheme similar (using earth tones throughout).

hope this helps

PuppyLoves Sun 26-Jul-09 11:41:22

We also the same laminated flooring throughout both rooms.

Mabe I should do what you have done DLI and not pick a feature wall but deorate in different tones, earthy tones sound really nice and would go with with sofas.

I also like the idea of framing wallpaper as a feature, that way I could use the wallpaper I wanted to use on the feature wall - and it would be cheaper grin

I am so tempted to take the doors off but DH thinks they may come in useful hmm

Thanks DLI smile

HerHonesty Sun 26-Jul-09 13:43:34

you can take the doors off and store?

i would (personally) decorate in the same wall and floor colours/coverings but differentiate the areas with different tones and textures (not colours) in the soft furnishings.

PuppyLoves Sun 26-Jul-09 20:04:53

I'm not sure I'm that talented tbh!

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