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Ensuite - buliding regs and consent question?

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My dad is house hunting and has seen a house he likes. There's no upstairs bathrrom but there is a large walk in cupboard in the master bedroom which you could easily fit a loo and sink in.

Its a terraced house which has a shared passageway between it and the next door house. The "front" doors are at the side of the houses, in the middle of the passageway. The house my dad likes is the one which is above the passageway and the sewer runs from the back of the house down the passageway into the street (shared sewer, there'll be some form of "y" connection at the far end of the passage way.

Dad thinks that a builder would just run some form of waste pipe straight down and connect into the sewer in the passageway. If that's the case does he need his neighbour's permission?

I suspect he may need to get the waste pipe (somehow) to his bacyard and enter the sewer there but don't know how that could be done without running a waste pipe inside the house. All plumbing for loo/kitchen, etc currently at the back of the house level with the yard. The main bedroom is at the front of the house though the cupboard is at the back of this room so more i nthe middle of the house.

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