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Where can I find a headboard like this but for less £££;?

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Pannacotta Thu 23-Jul-09 22:47:21

I really love this style with the buttons and ruched fabric, but can't afford the price tag (we have a super king size bed)...

Have looked at Dormy House but they are not quite as nice.


HolyGuacamole Thu 23-Jul-09 22:53:04

Oh that's lovely. Love the idea of valance matching the headboard but ouch at the price shock

This is a little bit different but £200 cheaper

HolyGuacamole Thu 23-Jul-09 22:55:38

Matching valance £175

Pannacotta Thu 23-Jul-09 22:57:29

Thanks Holy, I did have a look at Sheerhome and their range is nice they just don't look quite so luxurious as the White Co one, though that's fair enough when they are £200 cheaper!!

OrphanAnnie Fri 24-Jul-09 00:00:05

I bought one from ebay for £40.00 of course it's not as beautifully finished or whatever but does the white company one really add that much to your life that you'd pay an extra £200 for it ? I decided not.
It takes me 3 days to earn £200, is a headboard worth 3 days of my life ..... I've started looking at everything like that now and hardly buy a thing grin

Fizzylemonade Fri 24-Jul-09 15:24:30

Next are doing headboards like that and valances to match although price wise cheaper than the white company it's still not cheap.

for a double bed about £270 but I think it would depend on the fabric you chose. Lots of choice!

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