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Has anyone heard of cutting a big hole in a cupboard under an oven?

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astragirl Wed 22-Jul-09 21:03:59

We had a kitchen refitted last summer in my old flat before we let it. Last month the glass door to the electric oven exploded (luckily the tenant wasn't hurt). It's a Candy oven, and the Candy man who came to refit the glass first refused, because he said a 400mm hole needed to be cut in the oven housing, under the oven, for ventilation. The kitchen fitter says he's talking c$%p, and that if he cuts a hole, the oven won't be properly supported. The Candy man finally replaced the glass, but says the same will happen again unless we get the hole cut (and Candy won't replace the glass a second time), and that the oven only rests on the sides, so a 400mm hole, leaving 100mm either side is fine.

We have no way to tell who's right! We don't want the glass to explode, but equally don't want the oven to fall through its housing. Has anyone heard anything like this?

Washersaurus Thu 23-Jul-09 13:56:17

I have no idea but if you have put it in a purpose made oven housing unit then you should have to cut holes in it...surely?

Do you have the instructions, is there any mention of how to install the oven?

Hoover Candy say all sorts of things to try to get out of replacing parts. They told me my washing machine was located in the wrong place and was getting too cold hmm

Washersaurus Thu 23-Jul-09 13:56:57

sorry, you shouldn't have to cut holes in it!

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