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Anyone got, or put in, a tennis court?

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ThatBucketWoman Wed 22-Jul-09 20:43:45

Still quite high on the excitement of Wimbledon and fantasizing about getting a tennis court. Got a bit of spare field, two sporty boys and plenty of friends who play tennis so I imagine that we'd get a good amount of use out of it, then again, there are cheaper ways to keep us fit...

Getting a court put in would be a big deal financially for us but it might be that we got loads of use out of it and it turned into a really fab thing for our family and friends to enjoy with us. We don't plan to sell our house so the increase in property value isn't important to us, and sadly not nearly rich enough to do it as a status symbol! Have any MNetters put a court in? Or if you have a tennis court do you use it much?

Thanks in advance

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