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Decent gas fitters in S E Kent

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definitelypregnantagain Fri 17-Jul-09 13:16:46

I'm finally getting a new cookersmile

Obviously this means the old one needs to be disconnected and removed and the new one will need to be fitted. Having had bad experiences of paying the extra in the shop for this service (refusing to fit new appliance because a bracket wasn't attached to their liking etc!), i would rather use a local gas fitter.

Any suggestions/recommendations/people to avoid?

randomtask Fri 17-Jul-09 17:14:21

Where do you mean by South East Kent? I know of one in Gravesend who is apparently good-Kent Heating if that helps.

eandh Sun 19-Jul-09 06:50:22

My assistant managers husband is a plumber/corgi gas registered and a lovely man (he fitted our new radiatiors whilst I was at work and cleared all the mess up and put furniture back)

I am in Maidstone so not sure if that is near you or not?

Flgihtattendant Sun 19-Jul-09 07:53:00

I would usually say do it yourself - if it's your standard bayonet fitting it's simple, like a lightbulb - but you have to push a bit harder. Very little can go wrong, unless your old one is dodgy or the gas hose is knackered etc, which is unlikely if it's safe to use atm.

But if you're renting you'll prob need proof it was done by someone corgi reg.

Sladdens are great, if that helps.

definitelypregnantagain Wed 22-Jul-09 22:03:40

Thank you All, sorry for the delayed response. I'm actually in Folkestone, but may get DP to see if we can do it ourselves first.

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