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Couple of builder/plumbing questions!!

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nimbs Thu 16-Jul-09 11:02:45

We really really need a downstairs loo - with dd just potty trained there are 4 of us needing the upstairs one and with the dts going to be using it in the future, 6 people and 1 loo is not a good combination!

Anyway we have thought about extending our porch or knocking it down to put a UPVC lean to to house a cloakroom & utility room - does anyone have any idea how much this may cost- obviously just a ball park figure so we can get saving?

Other question is roughly how much it will cost to move a combi boiler - currently it's in ds bedroom - we want to move it so that we can take out the airing cupboard to fit an extra bed in for the dd's when they are old enough for one.

We're hoping it will be cheaper than moving as we only moved here 2 years ago (3bed house) and weren't expecting twins to be on the cards!!hmm


Rox73 Fri 17-Jul-09 10:29:32

I'm not sure of the cost, but we totally refurbed our house and moved the boiler and megaflow tank into our loft to maximise space in the house.

What you're proposing to do sounds alot cheaper than actually moving!!

Good luck with the twins!!

nimbs Fri 17-Jul-09 21:43:28


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