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Offer Price?

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Speckledeggy Wed 15-Jul-09 19:50:53

A new house came on the market yesterday that looks perfect. I've made arrangements to view it on Saturday but have a strong gut feeling it could be 'the one'!

The price is £325k. We have a mortgage agreed in principle for £300k but can potentially go up to £325k if need be.

Anyone have any advice on opening offers? Decent houses in this price range are going fairly quick in this area so it would be good to move quickly and get the price right.

Thanks a lot

slackrunner Wed 15-Jul-09 21:32:07

I would start low - say £285K, and then work you way up. If they get lots of offers very quickly its likely that they'll move to sealed bids, so I can't see what there is to lose by making a low offer initially.

Good luck

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