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Sell to rent

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shouldweorshouldntwe Wed 15-Jul-09 11:48:27

In a state of panic here! House has been up for sale for a long time and have finally had an acceptable offer - not good but slightly more than we paid 4 years ago. Problem is we have nowhere to go. It seemed pointless looking while house was not selling. I love my house but its in an area where we moved to on impulse and although its very ok its just not where we really want or need to be. We dont 'have' to move if you see what i mean. Is it really a good time to sell and rent or would it be better to stay put? Anyone in a similar situation?

AppleandMosesMummy Wed 15-Jul-09 16:42:22

If you think prices will drop further then it's a nce worth taking in my opinion they will.
But you have to watch the local sold prices on and the first sign of things moving again be ready to pounce, make sure you don't blow your equity and make sure you don't fall for any media hyper, look at sold prices not asking prices.

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