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Hallway flooring - oak or tiles?

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MoshiMoshi Thu 09-Jul-09 09:25:24

We are in the midst of renovating the entire house and need to make a decision about flooring on the ground floor. Our options are to go for oak flooring throughout, or to consider a combination of oak in certain areas (eg the reception rooms) with tiles in other areas (eg the kitchen and connected open plan dining area). While I like the idea of having bright tiles "opening up" a dark hallway, my concern is that they will get grubby quickly and the grouting get very dirty so spoiling the nice clean look. I therefore wondered if oak in the hallway might hide this dirt better? However, there is then the associated problem with oak in high traffic areas of wear and tear (although I am not sure whether this is only after many years and can be mitigated by proper maintenance).

Does anybody have any advice/considerations they could share with me please?

Many thanks in advance.

PS Cost could be a driving factor ultimately and so we are getting quotes to see where we stand on all of this... Decisions decisions...

Oak (because I love it!) I have friends who have their hall way in oak, it's gorgeous, so warm and welcoming - they have a muddy/gravelly drive. You can sand it back if it gets too worn. My mum had light tiles in her kitchen and she cursed them every day! Light tiles in a hallway would be a nightmare I think - why not try some of that light and space paint to brighten it up?

HaventSleptForAYear Thu 09-Jul-09 12:03:09

Do you take your shoes off when you come in?

Are you prepared to ask other people to?

Wood will mark easily (the lighter colour it is, the more the scratches show).

If someone brings in gravel in their shoe it will scrape.

but you may not stress about that.

Tiles are easy but I agree that light (plain colour) is NOT a good idea.

You can do the grouting in something other than white though and get something with a speckle and then it should be easy to maintain.

MoshiMoshi Thu 09-Jul-09 13:56:51

Thanks for your posts. I think oak will be easier to live with and I also love the instant warmth a nice oak floor gives to a house. Now to convince my DH.... smile

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