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work I need to finish before selling house - VERY ROUGHLY how long might this take/what cost?

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hatesponge Wed 08-Jul-09 21:47:50

have reached end of tether with Ex's attempts to finish work on our house, and just want it sold.

I think house will sell if finished (2 slightly smaller than ours nearby have just gone under offer, so am optimistic) but no-one would touch it as it is, as I doubt it is mortgageable.

Work required is:

Build set of external stairs - about 5-6 steps (one set of doors to house currently cant be used absent these!)
4 rooms to be plastered (skimmed) - walls and ceilings - each room about 10' x 12'
2 bathrooms to be tiled/fittings plumbed in (already have all fittings and tiles)
utility room fitted out
(cheap) carpet in the above 4 rooms, plus stairs and landing, ditto curtains etc
joinery - skirting & door frames fitted in 6 rooms, and 14 internal doors to be fitted/hung.

whole house needs redecorating as well but i can probably do this myself/with friends - just about!

I wil spend whatever it takes (tbh I dont have much choice), but timescale is more of a concern as now ive decided - and in our area things SEEM to be picking up, i want to get it done asap!

kitsmummy Thu 09-Jul-09 10:10:51

I think about £6,500. broken down as follows:

Plastering £1000
Carpets etc £1500
Bathrooms £2000
Joinery £1000
Stairs £500 (that's a total guess)
Utility room £500 (a guess too, as I don't know what you want to do to it)

We've had a lot of work done in Bristol and I think those prices would be roughly right in this area.

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