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Huge curtains

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bigstripeytiger Mon 06-Jul-09 14:48:56

I have just redecorated my bedroom, and now I need new curtains for it (I had hoped that the old ones would still be OK, but it doesnt look right).

The curtains need to be pretty big - they need a 3m drop. I have had a look in varius shops and websites, and cant seem to find any.

Is there anywhere that sells ready-made curtains that big?

noddyholder Mon 06-Jul-09 14:58:31

Ikea and habitat are quite long for ready made.i have a pair for sale on gumtree Would you like them?grin

bigstripeytiger Mon 06-Jul-09 15:55:14

Thanks Noddy, you are a font of useful decorating information, you helped me on my last thread too. smile
If you post the gumtree link I will take a look (it is 2 pairs of curtains that I need for the room)?

I'll check out Ikea and habitat.

SoupMeerkat Mon 06-Jul-09 15:55:55

Yes, Ikea curtains are usually a 3m drop.

noddyholder Mon 06-Jul-09 16:14:53

No only one pair.they are faux silk teal coloured a bit like a sari.V nice I'm sure I'll sell them soon

LucyMinter Mon 06-Jul-09 16:19:32

Ours are that long too...i found some nice vintage ones on ebay, still dear but much less than they'd have cost new for the same quality iyswim.

They don't often come up in that drop but worth keeping an eye out. Ike ones are Ok but if you want interlined or very heavy/warm ones you'll be better getting old ones second hand. Might be a curtain exchange local to you as well.

bigstripeytiger Mon 06-Jul-09 16:20:15

They sound lovely.

I have had a look at the Ikea website, I have seen some there that I think will do nicely.

Thanks for the help smile

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