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Cost of converting a bedroom to a bathroom - any guesses

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Anyone had this done recently and can give me a ballpark figure. My dad is househunting and has emailed me asking. Why on earth he thinks I would know I have no idea. I think its the cost of the plumbing work/labour he needs to know as the type of suite he chooses and tiles will vary depending on what he wants.

He also wants to know whats the smallest space you can put a wc and sink in. So if he finds a house with a large upstairs cupboard can he put one in?


HerHonesty Mon 06-Jul-09 13:32:12

it really depends where the nearest pipework is - if its near i would hazard a guess at 2k, if not, then you are probably more like 4k.

you can put a small sink and toilet in practically any space which gives you space to sit down and well you know what. as long as you can close the door! sinks are very slimline these days.

DaisymooSteiner Mon 06-Jul-09 16:07:57

Hi, we're currently in the middle of converting a bedroom into a bathroom. It's part of some other building work, so can't be exact as different people are doing different things, but the plumber has estimated about £400 for first fixing the new water and waste pipework, plus £600 for installing bath, shower, basin, toilet, fitted units and new radiator. Pipes, traps, valves etc will be £150-£300 plus the cost of the new suite. So up to £1300 for the labour and pipework plus the cost of the suite, tiles and flooring.

The new drains have been laid by the builders, so don't know how much this has cost as it was included in the overall price for our extension.


Thanks, I've told hime between 2 and 4k but that he ought to speak to a builder. grin

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