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Will our exchange NEVER happen? They have said it will happen every day since middle of last week...

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Absolutelyfarkingfedup Thu 02-Jul-09 15:57:05

At what point do we say 'either by x date or we are going back on the market'? It has been about 3 months since we accepted an offer. To be fair it is not our buyers fault, they have been prompt about everything it's their farking stupid buyer who is holding everyone up. One minute they are shouting they have to have it all done by this date then they are the one holding everyone up with question after query after question.
Honestly I am tearing my hair out. At what point can we say enough is enough?????

<throws stuff>

Oh and am namechanged for this as have been grumbling about it in RL alot too blush

Elibean Thu 02-Jul-09 16:03:04

Sympathies. We accepted an offer in March and were meant to exchange over 3 weeks ago - then our neighbours decided to serve a party wall agreement as they plan to build a basement (first in the road) shock

Needless to say, its slowed everyone down. We're lucky not to have lost the sale, we have a nice committed buyer...but its SO frustrating, as we can't find a house till we exchange (renting next) and are away most of August.

In your case, I wonder if setting a polite boundary with your buyers would help them set one with their buyers? Hard to pitch it though, you don't want to scare them off completely but this can't go on forever...what have you said to the EA so far about it?

Absolutelyfarkingfedup Thu 02-Jul-09 16:15:36

AAAAAAAAAAAAahhhh Elibean <'s me, your buying triplet>

It's actually not really the buyer's buyer (BB) fault it's the blardy solicitor who can't pull their finger out. The BB hasn't even signed a bloody contract yet (just had phone call from EA in mid post). Usually person I deal with at EA's is brilliantly efficient, unfortunately they are on holiday this week and the others - though well meaning - essentially don't care/have seen it a million times before etc etc. For that reason I think it's easy to forget how stressful it is for the purchasers/vendors who are (metaphorically) sitting waiting for the phone to ring. I could crysadangry

We have the same position with finding something, just don't feel we can fully commit - even get removal quotes etc until we have exchanged...ARGH!

You have my utmost sympathy, no wonder this is up there on the 'most stressful' lists.

HerHonesty Thu 02-Jul-09 16:30:46

have you tried calling their bluff? we did and guess what, they pulled out. in this market there are lots of buyers hedging their bets so to speak.

sorry, really annoying for you.

Absolutelyfarkingfedup Thu 02-Jul-09 16:42:50

Herhonesty - we haven't called their bluff but I want to! It's difficult because it's not actually our buyer's fault.'s hard not to think about it all the time.
Do you have a buyer now?

neversaydie Thu 02-Jul-09 19:44:55

We had this with our last move. We still hadn't exchanged 5 days before we were due to complete. No chain - we were going into a rented house in Scotland and our buyers were cash buyers. It was all down to the buyer's solicitor, who saw no reason for any hurry. In the end, I phoned the buyer and said that I would cancel the removal men if we didn't exchange that day. Miraculously, we did!

However, thanks to their solicitor, we didn't complete until about 4pm on completion day. Didn't worry us - we were already in Scotland by then! We had politely refused their request to move in first thing that day - just as well, or I think we'd be waiting still.

Good luck!

Absolutelyfarkingfedup Thu 02-Jul-09 19:53:07

Thanks! I think I might start getting a bit stroppy tomorrow! I have been very reasonable so far but I really don't want this to drag on into next week sad

BellaNoir Thu 02-Jul-09 20:32:21

We had lots of faffing from our buyer. Finally exchanged on a Friday and completed on the Monday. In the middle of this on the Saturday, they came round to 'measure up' - apparently they needed to see it with our furniture still to 'get an idea of what would fit' hmm. During this visit MrBuyer asked me when we would be moving out, as they weren't in a hurry shock. Managed to politely point out that removals van was booked for Monday as was our sellers and so it would indeed be Monday thank you! angry

I 'forgot' to leave them the burglar alarm code. grin

Elibean Thu 02-Jul-09 21:01:04

Aha, hello buying triplet wink

Poor you, nothing so fraying as delayed sale/purchase....though on the bright side, it sounds very much like a friend's sale that finally went through last week. She had some very slow solicitors somewhere in the chain, and it seemed (to her) to take forever...but they did get there in the end. And I've never had such a relieved sounding text! I look forward to seeing the equivalent in MN posts from you v v soon smile

And thank you for the sympathy...I suspect we'll be lucky to exchange by the end of the month, at this rate hmm

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