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Estate agents - how much feedback to expect?

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elizabethbob Thu 02-Jul-09 10:00:19

We are selling our flat. It's been on the market for nearly 3 weeks. We had a lot of viewings in the 1st week then it's slowed down significantly to 1or 2 a week for the last 2 weeks. PResumably as the agents have shown all the existing people on their books the flat.

How much feedback should I expect from the agent? We rarely hear anything at all and when I call him he acts like I'm just a pain and then gets all defensive when I point out ways in which he could reassure people with the odd concern that has been raised.

We had one offer which we turned down and they didn't come towards what we suggested instead at all. He's given no feedback on that - whether we were silly to turn it down, whether other people have shown any interest, whether other flats are selling etc. He is just very patronising when we try and ask questions.

We've had no viewings since Sat and he always gives minimal notice of viewings (tricky when at home with 7month old - black out blinds up and down etc!). Am I having overly high expectations that the agent should call if there are no viewings over several days to explain / reassure etc?!

It's getting me down making the flat viewable every morning. On the off chance of a viewing! How far do you go in decluttering baby paraphernalia?!

Sorry for waffle, just wondered what other people's experiences of estate agents were!

woodlands35 Thu 02-Jul-09 10:40:53

hi elizabethbob , we have our house up for sale at the moment , its been on the market for 3 weeks now & we have only had 1 couple who have viewed it so far hmm the estate agent is very like yours he has only gotten in contact twice so far & that was just to say that the 1 viewer we had fell in love with the house but they are waiting to see if the housing market drops any further b4 they put an offer in , hmm the 2nd phone call we got from him was him trying to get us to lower the house price , we haven't heard anything since , i wouldn't mind but it was him that decided what price to put on our house , so i know exactly what you are talking about , i have 2 children 10 & 3 & trying to keep the house like a showroom is becoming a nightmare

elizabethbob Thu 02-Jul-09 10:58:41

Hello Woodlands! That's so frustrating! If they can afford it and love it then they should go for it!

It's so hard re dropping price. We are basing what we would accept on what we need to buy where and what we would like. The 1st offer wasn't far off but it all makes a difference! I spend a lot of time worrying that maybe we're expecting too much... but it's less than both agents who values it thought we should get.

Good luck with your sale...

woodlands35 Thu 02-Jul-09 11:25:54

hi yeah i know what you mean , we are doing the same as you , we have priced our house so it is 1 of the cheapest houses up for sale in the area but yet we have only had 1 couple interested in 3 weeks , we feel if we lower the price any further we will not be able to afford the area we want to move to as there prices are not coming down hmm
we have invested over 50.000 euro's into our house over the last 6 years to refurbish it as it was very run down when we bought it but it looks like we wont make that money back from the sale . its quickly becomming a headache . hope things go better on your end wink

cat64 Thu 02-Jul-09 11:46:10

Message withdrawn

elizabethbob Thu 02-Jul-09 12:49:36

Thanks Cat64 I will ask some of those questions. He really is quite patronising though. My DH conferenced me in the other day when we were discussing the offer and when I made my presence known he said "oh hello you". I wish I had said acually it's Dr to you! Perhaps I shouldn't let that get to me but I feel like he really looks at me as the little woman at home with baby. angry!

Gone off on complete tangent there sorry!

The people who put in the low offer based it on what the flat below us sold for in Oct 08. It is the same size flat but a storey down with windows half the size and fewer units in the kitchen and no breakfast bar thing. So quite different and also they were gazundered by £30000 by the buyers just before signing the poor things but had to sell so went with it. People do apparentely like it but I haven't asked whether the EA thinks they are serious or mouchers. I will ask that.

LovingTheSunshine Thu 02-Jul-09 13:03:57

What I did when we were selling is email the estate agents with my questions & signed it from my husband. That way I got all my queries answered & had it to look back on. Good luck

neversaydie Thu 02-Jul-09 13:16:56

I have sold three houses, and never recieved much feed back from EA's on viewings for any of them. But then again all sales were in a rising market and the properties sold pretty quickly.

I have had the very occasional estate agent phone me for feedback after a viewing, which I quite happily gave them. The ones I recall were one house with copious alterations which did not comply with building regs, one seller who when we tried to arrange a second viewing told us that they had decided not to sell (but hadn't told the agent!) and one where the seller so obviously hadn't even considered the logistics of moving on that we thought they would take too long to get out for our needs (they eventually sold 2 years later).

Fizzylemonade Thu 02-Jul-09 16:13:01

I have just viewed a house and the estate agent rang me back the day after for feedback beating me to the phone call.

The house was dire "tired" was the way they described it, I can see past all that but the garden was too small. So I was honest about the garden and the condition of the house.

The estate agent is working for you so therefore should answer your questions. It is normal for them to chase a viewer for feedback in case something is putting buyers off that could be fixed easily.

When you turned down the offer did you go back and say we would accept X? It may be that they come back with that offer. A buyer doesn't know how far off the mark they are so I would always tell them.

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