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paint for ds's bedroom

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Carameli Wed 01-Jul-09 14:13:58

have a lovely ds1 who is 2.5yrs and after huge house renovation we painted one of his walls a lovely blue dulux colour mixed paint in matt. However ds1 has eczema and I think after being creamed at night he has got up and touched the wall as any 2.5yr old might do and there are grease patches that I cannot seem to get rid of.

Causing a bit of tension as dh thinks we can teach him not to touch the wallshmm grin I had to hold the laughter in when he said this. How many 2.5yr old boys will not touch walls

So does anyone have any great ideas? I was thinking of one of those paints like Dulux endurance or another brand of anyone can recommend one.

Fayrazzled Wed 01-Jul-09 14:24:08

What about a washable paint? I have F&B modern emulsion in my kitchen and it just washes down- I have it behind the cooker and there are no visible grease marks.

Borrowed Light is a lovely F&B blue- my little boy has it in his bedroom.

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