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Can anyone help inspire me on what to do with my kitchen??

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Maveta Tue 30-Jun-09 08:51:47

I did do a rather crude drawing and it's on my profile pics but it has come up really tiny so you can get the general idea of the layout even if you can't make out the detail.

Basically it is a rectangular (more so than in my pic) room split into 3 odd shaped rooms. Bottom right is currently an office, left is the kitchen and the top right is a kind of breakfast room.

The partition between the kitchen and the office is really badly done, we took down the hideous cupboards that were hanging there and actually the wall looks too flimsy to hold anything so we have no wall storage at all in there.

We are debating (all as if cost were no object, of course):

- keeping the office but knocking down the wall between the breakfast room and kitchen.

- knocking all the walls down to make it one big room. This would mean we lose the office (also potentially another bedroom one day).

Apart from these rooms we have the master bedroom, ds' bedroom and a small boxroom with ceiling height windows that we use for storing all our crap. So we could potentially lose the office because we could try and find storage (a garage etc.. would have to be another site) to free up the boxroom if we did need another bedroom.

The kitchen is a very odd shape as it is.. the fridge is currently in the pantry to make floorspace and the slanted wall between the kitchen and the office and general dimensions of the room mean nothing can be standard size (worktops/cupboards etc) making even a small remodel expensive.


moshie Tue 30-Jun-09 10:41:39

I'd knock the walls down and rebuild the partition wall properly. That would give you the chance to reposition it to suit you better, straighten out the slant maybe, or make the office smaller so that you have more room in the kitchen.

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