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Talk to me about summerhouse/shed/garage roof

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navyeyelasH Sat 27-Jun-09 12:48:17

We have a summer house in our back garden (just bought house). We have replaced the felt root and sanded and treated all wood; inside and out, the summerhouse.

For aesthetics I'd like the roof to be wooden likt this. But having gone to B&Q and Wickes people (ie. spotty teenagers) keep telling me no such wood exists and that I'll have to use a sheet of ply.

So, does anyone know what wood I need to do this? Thanks!

paisleyleaf Sat 27-Jun-09 13:06:00

shiplap cladding?

Nail some batons onto the roof, and tap the wood slats to the batons
If you're just using plain planks of wood - start at bottom - overlapping as you work up.

paisleyleaf Sat 27-Jun-09 13:08:23

I don't know now....
have a look around this

navyeyelasH Sat 27-Jun-09 13:16:32

Paisleyleaf thanks for that. I was hoping the end of the wood would be curved (like a lolly pop stick) and I could buy it ready curved but am confused now sad

paisleyleaf Sat 27-Jun-09 13:19:39

Oh, do you mean the wavey shaped bits of wood at the front of the roof?
I think it does only come already cut like that when you buy the whole kit to build a play/summer house

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