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Rental dilemas - to move or not to move

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DINK2DIWK Thu 25-Jun-09 11:33:10

We currently live in a 2 bed rented flat, on the 2nd floor,fully furnished with a single bathroom that has no tub, but the landlord is lovely. We are thinking of moving to a place nearby with a bathtub, larger space rooms etc and managed by Foxtons. Is it worth moving to get a bathtub and the larger space that might be able to fit a pram into our main bedroom?

HerHonesty Thu 25-Jun-09 18:07:09

yes. bathing your child in a small bath will only last about 4 months, then you will want a big bath to bathe he/she in. not sure why you need to pram in your bedroom though??

you might want to think about moving to someone one ground floor for convenience?

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