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Flat with grass garden or house with patio?

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1dilemma Tue 23-Jun-09 12:22:45

OK I'm slowly coming round to the fact that we will need to move in order to get a school place! (I know we've left it too late)

A quick online search tells me we can have a 4 bed house with a stone patio or a 3 bed ground floor flat wiht a 25 foot grass garden.

I'm not bothered about the flat but to have 4 beds would be fab and really help with work yet I'm desperate for a grass garden I dream of being able to open the doors and chuck the dcs into the garden I want a trampoline/swing etc etc.

But I know it will be Winter soon

(BTW we would rent so not intending to make this a long-term choice!)

1dilemma Tue 23-Jun-09 12:23:20

Sorry the question is what would you do?

PestoMonster Tue 23-Jun-09 12:31:31

I was going to say, had you factored in the maintenance costs of a flat, but then realised that you are going to rent. In which case, I would probably choose the flat and enjoy the garden.

EldonAve Tue 23-Jun-09 12:36:47

I would say house
flat would be neighbours above you which can be annoying
stone patio great for driving toy cars/ trikes etc

titchy Tue 23-Jun-09 12:56:08

House definately - and replace the patio with grass, or a trampoline!

1dilemma Tue 23-Jun-09 23:25:20

Bump anyone else any views please?

drowninginclutter Tue 23-Jun-09 23:27:43

If you were buying I'd say house and rip out the patio. As it's renting I'd take the flat, enjoy the garden, if the neighbours are annoying move in the autumn.

loc Tue 23-Jun-09 23:40:05

We have just removed our lawn and replaced it with a patio, it's absolutely brilliant now.
We used to have lots of bother with visiting cats thinking it was a litter tray, and now I can let the DC's enjoy the garden knowing they are not going to get covered in cat mess.
I used to think I'd love a lush lawn but it didn't work out as I'd imagined, so I would plump for the house. You can get lots of planters to make it nice and green, and it is brilliant for riding bikes on and cleaning up all the sand that escapes from the sand pit.

1dilemma Tue 23-Jun-09 23:48:44

lol loc I have little ones so I'm worried about all the falls then I start imagining them pinging off our imaginary trampoline then my mind goes from bad to worse.

Interesting most of you are saying the flat I was sure you'd all say house!!

thanks again

EldonAve Wed 24-Jun-09 07:17:08

it's sunny now but think about the rain and how quickly grass turns to mud!

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