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Ewell, Surrey?

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Greatfun Sun 21-Jun-09 22:34:39

Following on from my thread about moving out of London does anyone know anything about Ewell (I know its not exactly moving out but there you go). Just the usual bits:

- good schools (primary and secondary)
- where to avoid
- trains into london


Ewe Sun 21-Jun-09 22:43:29

Me, I know! Lived here and surrounds most of my life.

Schools - state or private?

Avoid the area from Ewell West station to Tolworth in my opinion, it's not the best but it's not particularly bad either. Village is the best or the area between Ewell and Epsom on the east side of the village, obviously these areas are budget dependent.

Ewell West to Waterloo - 35mins approx
Ewell East to Victoria - 35mins approx

Both stations run about 4 trains an hour in rush hour. Slightly fewer on the Ewell East to Vic line when coming back from London.

23balloons Sun 21-Jun-09 22:45:28

We live not too far away - don't know much about primaries but fantastic secondary for boys nearby - Glynn Technology college. If you have girls may want to move a bit closer to Epsom for the girls secondary.

Greatfun Mon 22-Jun-09 08:05:22

Thanks so much. I have a boy and a girl but both are pre school so perhps I shouldn't be too worried about secondaries. However, I don't want to move again (or at least for 15 years).

Ewe Mon 22-Jun-09 20:08:15

These are the schools in Ewell until secondary:

Wallace Fields
Infant and then Junior Schools - Outstanding ofsted reports. Massively oversubsribed so you need to move very near it, surrounding area is lovely, mainly 3/4/ bed detached properties that will set you back a fair bit!

Ewell Grove
Infant school, again outstanding. Only problem is then the children move again at 7.

Ewell Castle
Private, mixed until 11 but boys can stay on until 18.

St Clement's Primary
Catholic, good ofsted, hear good things about it.

Several more options both private and state as you move more towards Epsom.

Secondary wise you have as 23balloons said Glyn for boys and Rosebery for girls, both good results wise. Nonsuch is just down the road, a good grammar school for girls and there is Sutton grammar for boys. Plus some not so great mixed 'comps' but plenty to choose from.

All in all schools are good and it is an excellent family area I think.

lholland900 Mon 09-May-16 12:14:11

I know this is an old thread but thought a recent update might help!

We moved from Clapham to Ewell Village and really love it. It's a leafy conservation area, everyone is friendly and having Ewell West & East station a short walk away means the commute is good. If you live in the village you'll have Wallace Fields Junior School and Ewell Grove School, both are Ofsted outstanding schools. I can't recommend Ewell Grove School more highly, it's a fantastic school and should be turning into a Junior school soon (3-7 years at present). Our next door neighbours' children go to Wallace Fields Junior and are also very happy there. We chose Ewell village as I was a bit worried about catchment areas, especially as Clapham was a total nightmare e.g. you had to live within 200m of some schools. I've heard good things about Ewell Castle School, I know the class sizes are small, only x15, but we wanted to go down the state route

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