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Widmer End vs Watlington

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Speckledeggy Sun 21-Jun-09 11:46:49

Hi All

Does anybody know Widmer End in Bucks or Watlington in Oxfordshire?

We have seen two very nice houses that we both like for different reasons. In terms of the house, they both offer exactly what we need in terms of a family house where we can live for the forseeable future.

The house in Widmer End is close-ish to where we live now. It is close to local amenities, several towns, my friends and about half an hour from my Mum. Although it's close to open countryside it's a bit more suburbia.

Watlington is a beautiful market town set in the middle of beautiful countryside but I really don't know the area. It has all the essentials but I would need to travel further to get to town (closest town would be Henley). The house is slightly bigger with a lot more character. I have a friend about 10 miles up the road and it would be about an hour from my Mum which I am concerned would be a bit too far (my Dad died earlier this year).

Anyone have any thoughts or advice? The plan is to have a family and for me to stay at home. My only worry with Watlington is that of isolation though the area is 'more us' if you know what I mean!

Many thanks

jeanjeannie Sun 21-Jun-09 21:26:41

Personally it'd be Watlington - was there only yesterday!

My friend is a SAHM and doesn't drive and doesn't feel a bit isolated. She uses the buses - especially into Oxford and Wallingford. Do you drive? If so - then getting up into Oxford or Wycombe is so easy.

Personally I'd rather live in Oxford than bucks from a schooling point of view. Bucks is a Grammar county and the scrum to get into a decent primary is horrendous (and expensive) as catchements are bonkers and changing constantly. I'd be in Oxfordshire like a shot!

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