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shall I just offer the full asking price and be done with it?

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raggedtrouseredphilanthropist Fri 19-Jun-09 13:48:26

So I found a house that fits the bill. The only other one (in a better area, granted) went within a week! There are others available, but they dont tick all the boxes, and houses here tend to sell in a reasonable space of time. Its on for 140k, and I reckon it is just about worth that, though you never really know with property do you.
I offered 130 and was refused, then 133, again refused, then 136 again refused. They wanted full asking price to buy a house they wanted, but the house they want has been taken off the market now, and they are looking again.
Now, moving is worth more than the money to me for various reasons. Shall I just offer the full asking price and ask it is taken off the market? They are looking at a place next week, whcih could mean they accepted my offer then, but then again someone else could get in in the meantime.
Or is that just opening myself up for crap off them (ie possible gazumping / renegotiation?). Or should I do it to be secure? Or do I take the chance they might accept later this week if the house they see is the one they want?

tutu100 Fri 19-Jun-09 13:52:25

If you really want the house and can afford it I would offer full asking price if you know they will accept it. Stipulate though that for your offer to stand you want the house removed from sale immediatly.

If you are in a strong buying position i.e. no chain. Stick to your guns. Do not get involved in renogotiations (unless it suits you). If they are serious about moving they would be mad to turn you down on the off chance they may get a better offer.

CarGirl Fri 19-Jun-09 13:52:56

I would offer full asking price, ask for it to be taken off the market. do you have a buyer for your house?

It puts them in a stronger position if there house is sold when they come to negotiate on what they find to buy.

Twixabix Fri 19-Jun-09 13:53:10

I would say go with what you feel best. If you think this house is that one that ticks all the boxes and you are happy to pay the full asking price then go for it. If you do offer the full price, make sure the estate agent is aware that you are only offering full price on the agreement that the house is taken off the market straight away. This happened to us before and the sellers accepted a higher offer than the full price we had offered - a bit greedy really but hey ho, that's life.

Good luck and hope you get it! grin

raggedtrouseredphilanthropist Fri 19-Jun-09 13:53:43

do you think anyone wouldnt accept the full asking price?? that worries me - that I offer full price and they still dont accept it..

raggedtrouseredphilanthropist Fri 19-Jun-09 13:54:58

oh, its also on with another agent. how would you get it taken off from them too???

CarGirl Fri 19-Jun-09 13:55:15

I wouldn't rush to organise surveys though until they've found somewhere.

CarGirl Fri 19-Jun-09 13:55:54

yes taken off at both agencies.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Fri 19-Jun-09 13:57:04

I would offer the full asking price but only on the proviso that they take the house off the market immediately and complete within x amount of time.

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Fri 19-Jun-09 13:57:46

If this is the house you want, if you can afford the asking price, if you think the house is worth £40,000 to you, and if getting the house means more to you that saving £4,000 then you should offer the asking price.

You are not saving £4,000 if someone else buys the house.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Fri 19-Jun-09 13:58:23

When we bought our last house the vendors wanted open completion. I think not!

tutu100 Fri 19-Jun-09 13:58:57

If it's on for 140 I wouldn't have thought they would be holding out for more. In fact I'm surprised that they haven't been advised to take your lower offers. ATM in the area I live in houses are getting around 15% below the asking price.

jumpingbeans Fri 19-Jun-09 14:02:05

Most, not all i agree, but most people have been reducing the asking price as prices have fallen, so why should they then accept an even lower price when someone puts in an offer, i know i would'nt

raggedtrouseredphilanthropist Fri 19-Jun-09 17:58:43

well I did it. I thought about how I would feel if it sold tomorrow to someone else for the asking price, and I would be quite annoyed. It is being taken off the market, and they are looking for a place.
So, fingers crossed...

FabBakerGirlIsBack Fri 19-Jun-09 18:02:08

Good luck

I am desperate to move.

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