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Anyone used Ikea Tundra flooring? Or recommend something else for a tiny hall...

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PrettyUselessHousewife Wed 17-Jun-09 14:08:49

I'm thinking about getting some for our hall (is a v small space - about 1.5m square). But there are a few fiddly bits around the doorway and I'm not sure if cutting it to size will be a nightmare?

Also, the stuff they recommend to go underneath is only 3mm thick - surely this isn't enough to insulate a concrete floor?

bettyjack Wed 17-Jun-09 14:23:19


Cutting a floor to size and making it look good if you have no experience will be a hard job. If you know what your doing or have DH do it then it could be ok.

You can buy any underneath insulation, you dont need to buy theirs.

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