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Need help (yet again) with house removal stuff!

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MrsMerryHenry Wed 17-Jun-09 11:37:52

How long should it take 2 removals people to pack a 2-bed flat?

We need to pay them by the hour for the actual packing bit, and I'd like to get an idea of what others think before I call them.

Even if you've moved from a larger property than mine it will still be useful to get an idea of time scales.


Bensonbluebird Thu 18-Jun-09 14:32:11

We've just had a quote of £250 to pack a 2 bed 3rd floor flat. Someone who came to quote today said it would take 2 people about 5 hours to pack. I'm getting 4 quotes so should be able to let you know the others mid next week.

CMOTdibbler Thu 18-Jun-09 15:34:26

last house was a 3 small bed, tiny kitchen, dining room, sitting room, end of terrace house with a small shed.

We had 4 guys packing, taking to the van, and transferring to the lorry (couldn't park outside the house so had to ferry), and they started at 9am and were done by 3.30

MrsMerryHenry Fri 19-Jun-09 00:10:58

£250!! Please say that's just for packing!

CMOT, I reckon we have a similar amount of space...but we are not minimalist so don't know how that compares!

Thanks for your input, though!

Bensonbluebird Fri 19-Jun-09 09:45:09

Yeah, the move (a long one) is an extra £600! I've just had the poshest removal man ever round. He was writing notes on what furniture we have: 2 Chaisse longues, Lloyd Loom chair (ahem, that'll be an Ikea basket chair!) What's the betting his quote is going to be higher?

CMOTdibbler Fri 19-Jun-09 17:02:00

We're not minimalist at all. Many, many books for a start

Bensonbluebird Sat 20-Jun-09 20:17:25

Posh removal man: £150 +VAT for the pack, £1000 +VAT for the move.

Also have lots of books, camping equipment, all my work files for the last 10 years....

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