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Double storey extension

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LovingTheSunshine Sun 14-Jun-09 18:23:45

How much would it roughly cost to do a double storey extension of 26'x15'? I am in Hertfordshire.
Many thanks

fruitshootsandheaves Sun 14-Jun-09 18:24:55

ours cost about £27,000 but that was 10 years ago.

SamVimesIsMyHero Sun 14-Jun-09 19:17:19

£1200 per sq m is what I have been told recently. You'll need to work it out in feet I'm afraid <lazy>

TheBolter Sun 14-Jun-09 19:25:35

About 28K for a watertight shell.

Then extra for fittings, flooring etc - depends on what you're doing with the space.

LovingTheSunshine Sun 14-Jun-09 21:23:28

Using the £1,200 per square metre makes a grand total of £88,500 approx for the double storey extension - does that sound about right?

edam Sun 14-Jun-09 21:25:37

I think £1,200 per m2 would be the costs for the ground floor, first floor is cheaper as you already have foundations. But could be wrong. (As in, building two storeys is not twice the job of building one.)

LovingTheSunshine Sun 14-Jun-09 22:13:38

Thanks, edam

TheBolter Mon 15-Jun-09 07:12:30

Yes, but then you have to factor in the roof Edam!

edam Mon 15-Jun-09 13:20:46

This is true, The Bolter. grin But you'd have to have a roof anyway, however many storeys you go for.

jeanjeannie Mon 15-Jun-09 15:37:32

Yep - factor in about £1,200 - £1,500 per Sqm is a rough figure to use.

SO much depends on your materials, groundworks and if there are lots of strucural reinforcing. For example - if you're planning on having supporting walls knocked through or you're on a bit of a slope then that'll all add to a bog-standard pricing.

LovingTheSunshine Tue 16-Jun-09 20:31:16

Cheers everyone - the house we viewed is not for us but the info is still useful

bettyjack Wed 17-Jun-09 14:25:44

In excess of 30k.

Anything largely below that and I would be concerned of the workmanship.

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