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do you/your partner lay driveways???? need some advice

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thisisyesterday Wed 10-Jun-09 19:40:56

we've just put a driveway in.
to save money DP decided to do the majority himself.
we had it dug out and the sub-base laid by a local firm (as the area was so big it would have taken dp forever) and dp has done the sand layer and the block paving himself.

now, despite hiring a compacter and using it on the sand and then again on the paving, we've already got 4 dips where the car wheels go.

so, clearly it isn't compacted enough. or could there be there another reason?
is there a way to fix it without having to lift the entire driveway and compact it all some more and then re-lay it?

alltrue Fri 12-Jun-09 12:39:15

How far did you dig down originally? to a nominal depth or dependand on ground conditions?
What did you use as sub base and what depth?

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