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Anyone else in a 2 bed flat with 2 boys? Want to come and have a moan with me?

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craggie Tue 09-Jun-09 22:22:00

Just wanted to have whinge really!

Saw a mortgage adviser today and if we were to apply for a mortgage again today they wouldn't even lend us enough for the flat we live in now! Because I don't work at the moment and because banks aren't lending as much now.

Feel stupid for not trying to get my career back on track before ds2

Antone else out there?!

Any tips?

KathyBrown Tue 09-Jun-09 22:39:55

Go out a lot, so you almost just sleep and eat in the flat that's what we did. And buy very little stuff, three holidays a year instead grin

Meglet Tue 09-Jun-09 23:01:29

Will you be able to trade up if / when you can work part time again?

I live in a teeny tiny impractical dolls house with my dc's and am just clinging on to the fact that when they are both at school I can work more and think about moving

I really sympathise btw, my house is nicely decorated, and I am truly grateful I have a safe roof over my head in this day and age, but it doesn't work for a family, I used to live in it on my own so we've squeezed in a hell of a lot of stuff since then. Idiot ex p was £30k in debt so no chance of getting a mortgage together when we were together.

Bensonbluebird Thu 18-Jun-09 14:53:32

I found out something that shocked me recently. I work p/t and do some freelance. My p/t contract has just come to an end so that income wouldn't be counted in a mortgage application. If I didn't have the freelance income I would be counted as an adult dependant and we would be able to borrow less than if DP applied for the mortgage in his name only. So my advice for this purpose is that some income, no matter how little, is worthwhile or if you can bear it, try applying in DP/DH's name only and then change to joint names when you are bringing some income in.

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