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How to rejuvenate a manky bathtoom.

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littleoldme Tue 09-Jun-09 18:38:55

We want to sell our house next year. the bathroom is nasty avocado with greyish tiles., the carpet is manky brown - getting the picture ?

I'm thinking a tough of clean grout; re-do paint work and some new lino would lift it enough to sell. Any other ideas anyone ??

The avocado suite could be a feature with the right accessories, would you consider retiling with plain white tiles, or even painting the grey ones with special white tile paint? Then you could have lots of fresh white/green accessories and a few nice houseplants (which you could take with you to the next place)

Of course the grey tiles might suit the avocado suite down to the ground, hard to tell just from the description!

A new bit of cheap lino would be so much nicer than brown carpet, yes. Good luck!

atworknotworking Tue 09-Jun-09 19:17:08

Sounds just like a house we lived in, only the carpet was green too!, it was like that when we moved into it 18yrs ago now, I always hated it with a passion, we took the carpet out as soon as we moved in (can't stand carpet in bathrooms) but left the rest as it was avacado suite, peach tiles, wood fake panelling on ceiling - yes it was delightful - anyway after 12yrs and a baby grin decided we needed to move, I knew the bathroom was well dodgy but the rest of the place was re-done from top to bottom including kitchen, new roof, heating, dpc, replastered decorated etc, so thought we might get away with it, anyway estate agents came round and lots of positive, wow, this is lovely, very nice until got to the bathroom shock said we didnt have a hope in hell of selling with it the way it was, people expect white, clean lines, new looking etc and they don't want the agro or cost of replacing it.

Sooo went to B&Q got the cheapest white suite they had about £170 got a plumber friend to fit it £100 tiled over the tiles in white dead cheap think they cost about £60 with grout and spaces etc (did that myself) and ripped the stylish panelling of the ceiling, quick paint job and hey presto, didn't want to moove grin. If you can I would definately change it, agents all said it added about £5K to our house and sold it on 2nd viewing at full price, it was well worth it for us so if your'e just thinkng about moving you could maybe do it in bits.

wombleprincess Tue 09-Jun-09 20:54:42

to be honest, dont spend too much, any buyer will say it will need to be redone.

have you considered redoing it completely?

littleoldme Wed 10-Jun-09 08:14:42

Thanks for the advice. I think we'll do as at work said. As long as it looks neat and clean I suppose it should be ok. I'd love to just redo it all but it will cost waaaaaay too much.

kitty4paws Thu 11-Jun-09 22:55:47

Just "done" our bathroom, white tile paint on brown tiles, and a serious declutter.The suite is a light brown so decorated a beige border of tiles around the top with water slide tile transfers I found on e-bay, good price and easy to use ( after the first two or three !!) It look loads better, just cleaner and brighter

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