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Mortgage arrangement fees - have I lost the plot?

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TheProfiteroleThief Mon 08-Jun-09 11:15:09

IS a min of £500 the norm now for a mortgage arrangement fee?

Have not bought a house for a while - I think it was £20 last time, or am I misremembering???????????/shock

RealityIsMyOnlyDelusion Mon 08-Jun-09 11:20:41

Message withdrawn

TheProfiteroleThief Mon 08-Jun-09 12:49:58

Bloody hell
<<pulls stocking mask and stripey jumper to rob bank>>

wombleprincess Mon 08-Jun-09 17:48:48

£20... i think you may be mistaken....

Itsjustafleshwound Mon 08-Jun-09 17:52:29

The fees are ridiculous and do a good job digging into the savings made when switching rates ...

There is always the option of adding the costs to your mortgage hmm ....

TheProfiteroleThief Mon 08-Jun-09 18:06:53

No have dug out old paperwork - was £20!!! And a £20 reservation fee. They are willing to add to amount borrowed - for me to pay interest on for next 25 years!

Still think bankjob might be better bet

poopscoop Mon 08-Jun-09 18:08:26

mine was 895 to re-fix mine last summer! That was with £100 off for doing in online! Greedy Bastards. yes its the lloyds C&G

slightlyonedgemum Mon 08-Jun-09 20:47:55

Just had a quote and with all the fees to go with our mortgage (not including the solicitors but including the surveyors) it's £1245. I think you got off lightly!

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