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Guide prices - what are your experiences?

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goldenpeach Sun 07-Jun-09 14:57:30

After getting angry at estate agent's behaviour yesterday (see ride thread), we went on rightmove and searched another location that usually has not much property for sale. We found a good house and intend to view it if we don't get the house we offered on. The house looks good sizewise and locationwise and the asking price is ok. DP is very taken with it (more than me) and is - unbelievably - prepared to pay full asking price on condition there is a quick sale. Except that the asking price is a guide price, which makes me wonder if they want people to offer more than that. What are your experiences on guide prices?

MrsMattie Sun 07-Jun-09 15:01:33

Never go on at the asking price or above for your first offer. That's my advice! let them knock back a first offer if they have to, then you can creep up to what you can afford. If you start off offering the top whack, you have no room for manouevre

lalalonglegs Sun 07-Jun-09 15:01:34

Guide price is posher (and more accurate) term for asking price - it is the price they are hoping to achieve, it gives a guide to buyers of what they need to offer. Don't get hung up on it and good luck with the purchase.

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