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removal of wallpaper border but not wallpaper - possible or mad to try?

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pipsqueak Sun 07-Jun-09 12:39:06

title says it really . dd1` has grown out of the character border around her bedroom which is glued on the top of painted lining paper which i would like to try and keep in tact and re-paint . has anyone ver tried to remove just the border and if so do you ahve any tips to share ? desperate to avoid repapering the whole room ...tia

lalalonglegs Sun 07-Jun-09 12:59:17

Hmm, I think it might be better just to paint over it in the same colour as the walls until you are ready to redecorate completely. To get it off cleanly you would have to steam it which would make the lining paper underneath wrinkly and probably means that it will come loose.

noddyholder Sun 07-Jun-09 14:28:56

You could mask it off and paint the rest in one colour and the border in a toning/contrast.The edge will be visible if you do it all one colour.If it is around the middle you could paint it in magnetic p[aint and use it as a pin board type thing.I would strip the lot though as eventually it will bug you!

ellingwoman Sun 07-Jun-09 14:30:57

Paint it all then put a bigger border over where the old border is. Have done this 3 times grin

pipsqueak Sun 07-Jun-09 23:26:33

thanks all - have had a bit of a pick and peel but am going to give up and paint over it . she is going from barbie land into slightly less girly style but still kind of early teenage if you know what i mean so is likely to chang e style again in a two or three years so may be will strip the lot then --- loving the bigger border idea though too grin

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